Our Winners

Here are our winners as selected by our judges and the winners from our Facebook and web contests. Thanks to everyone for taking part in our first online contest. Check back regularly for more contests and deals on our great range of pet grooming products. From everyone at Takhari.com, home of soothing aloe vera based pet shampoos and conditioners,  Thank you!!!!


The prettiest Siberian in the world officially (according to our awesome judges) lives in Poland!!! Congratulations!!! What a tough competition and over 30,000 views! What an honor to finally get to show the winner! Beautiful!


Congratulations Aldergrove, BC! You are our reserve winner!!! Way to go Persson Family!!!!


Congratulations to our Web Choice Award Winner, Odin from Portugal. Who won the most votes in our website contest vote


Congratulations to our people’s choice winner! Thanks to all that voted on our facebook page! Over 1,000 likes!!! Great job Romania!!!


3rd Place Winner to Oulainen from Finland


Forth Place Winner to Bacardi and Rum from Russia