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Shanan Strewler | An Animal Lover from the Start

With over 20 years of breeding, showing, and business experience, Shanan Streweler has distinguished herself as an expert and pioneer in the canine, equine and entrepreneurial world. Her passion for the industry and dedication to the advancement of pet health are a testament to her devotion, stemming from her lifelong enthusiasm for animals.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Shanan's interest in animals started at an early age. As a child she spent most of her days pursuing her passion for horses, and later developed her skills working as a foal and yearling trainer for her neighbor during high school. She then attended William Woods University in Fulton Missouri, enrolling in the prestigious Equine Science program, and quickly rose to the top of her class. As her fascination with horses grew, she took on many disciplines including Dressage, English, Endurance, Cross Country, and Competitive Trail riding. She was a fierce competitor, winning or placing in most events she participated in. She was also deeply involved in the school's equine judging team, and worked around local collages as one of the top evaluators.

After a few semesters at William Woods, Shanan traveled back to Colorado and applied to the Equine Science program at Colorado State University. She quickly surpassed the curriculum, and chose to enroll in the Animal Science program instead, hoping to broaden her knowledge and tackle a more challenging curriculum. After her time at CSU she worked for 15 years as a veterinary technician for a vet in Lafayette Colorado, and became close friends with a colleague who trained her in basic grooming techniques. It wasn't until after getting married however, that she became fascinated with show grooming and with her breed of choice, the Siberian Husky and the Samoyed.

Shanan's first experience with showing and breeding began with a Siberian Husky named "Whiskey", who was bought from a breeder by her husband. After looking into local shows, Shanan's ambition for the breed grew; she purchased her first show dog, "Khari" from a show dog breeder and had finished the dog in less than two years. From there, she pursued her show career for more than 15 years, and became one of the most acclaimed breeders and show dog handlers in Colorado.

As the reputation of her dogs grew, so did the demand for specialized care and maintenance. She built a show dog grooming facility on her property, and began to prep her dogs for show at home. It was here that she developed her skills as a master groomer. She learned the standards for each breed, and conquered the art of show grooming. Word of her expertise brought clients from both the show world and pet owners alike, and she was soon grooming on a full time basis.

During her grooming career Shanan had became dissatisfied with commercial dog shampoos and the quality of coat care they provided. She sought out a better solution, and soon had a formula for an all-natural, Aloe Vera based shampoo that would cleanse and shine to the show standards she needed, and still provide her dogs with a healthy solution to the drying commercial formulas. Her products are rapidly becoming a best seller across Colorado, and with a conditioning product in the works, Shanan continues to develop her superior canine and equine products today. She is currently working towards a brush and grooming line.

Currently, Shanan lives with her daughter and show dogs in Broomfield Colorado. She continues to show and breed, and is looking forward to developing her Aloe products into a full line of pet health products. She continues to share her experience and knowledge with her community as a business professional and health and wellness expert.

Awards and Acclamations


Siberian and Samoyed Specialties
Group Placements
Best of Breed
Winners Dog
Champion Dog


Endurance Top 10
Halter Performance Champion
World Championship Invitee
Rookie of the Year Nominee
World Quarter Horse Show Invitee
Record of Merit - Paint Horses, Quarter Horses


American Paint Horse Association Member

MATRC - Competitive Trail

AERC - Endurance

American Quarter Horse Association

American Paint Horse Association

American Kennel Club Member

Show Judge - Canine

Samoyed Club of America

Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club