32Our Wonderful Judges

Takhari would like to announce our wonderful judges! Who will judge 1st and 2nd place, for our “Where does the prettiest Siberian Husky live?” The following prizes will be awarded:
People’s choice award (Facebook Votes)
Our judges award
Our judges reserve award
Our judges 3rd n 4th place awards
Web choice award ( Takhari web site vote)

From Aryn Anderson This was so difficult because I had 17 favorites!! Beautiful Siberians!

Once we post on our facebook page the top 10 finalist, you may all go back and like your favorites!! Show support for
the finalist and your own photo if there! It may have some influence!!!!!

We still have folks sending in their thoughts on 1st-4th! Will anyone match the top 4!! Give it a shot!!!

Truck Driver I want this dog!! photo#4 Noble Kennels Shanghai, China!!

Someone watching the contest I love all the top 10 photos!! Great job judges. Those were a lot of my favorites!

Dog trainer This dog looks like he is going somewhere and looks “pretty” doing it! My choice and by far not only the prettiest siberian husky but the best going somewhere!! Two in one!! photo#19 NorthKenda Santiago, Chile

We have so many getting in touch with us to thank our wonderful judging panel!! Thank you to all that are posting such nice things to say about our judges. They had a really tough time! All these siberians are beautiful

We want to thank our judges! This went bigger than expected and so many beautiful Siberians! 126 photos! Tough decision with so many beautiful dogs! We will be posting the finalist on our web site shortly.

Mrs. Micky Polineni
Poli’s Siberians
Vista, California
Karen Morin
Tokota Siberians

Nicole Hartig
Koobear Siberians
Johannesburg, South Africa

Kent Dannen
Estes Park, Colorado
Photographer & Author

Aryn Anderson
Broomfield , Colorado
The biggest pet lover

Information on Contest!!!

Finland!!!!  Are you listening?  You could be in the running for the top and possibly the winner of the Judges vote!!!

Canada!  This is amazing!  A bunch of photos being picked.  Will one of you be our big winner?

Thank you Judges!  You have had a tough job!  Isn’t this fun!!!!  Don’t forget to email your 1st-4th for chance to win a prize if you have same photo as judges!!!

From our judge Aryn Anderson:  Thank you everyone for sending such beautiful photos, its been hard for me to narrow it down.  I loved them all!  I do have a couple of favorites!  Nobody kill me!!!

Utah!!!  Very nice!  Beautiful!  One or two of these siberians could be in the running!  Popular with our judges!

Our facebook is getting overloaded!  We are having a hard time pulling it up!!  Hope everyone is getting all the information!  Our judges are very thrilled with all the beautiful photos!  As well as how awesome, that people from all over the world entered!

Very interesting judging so far!  Our judges ROCK!!!

Alaska!!! How exciting!  Very nice!  You are a possible top ten!!!

From our wonderful judge  Karen Morin of Tokota Siberians   “Pretty Siberians live all over the world! The prettiest is in its owner’s eyes.”   Very well said Judge!!!!!!!

Some school kids in the area said, ” They have siberian huskies in Egypt!”  And they could not vote but said they had a favorite  Photo #75! Dawson Creek, Canada!!!  They would love to let him sleep in their beds!!!!

King Soopers Shopper (Random Person I asked at the Grocery Store!)    “Are these dogs like wolfs?  They look like it!”   Thought everyone would love to hear that!!!!  Her favorite was photo #35!  Foxfire Siberians  South Africa

Student at Metro State University  Voted for photo #85!  Naukans Kennels  Australia!

7-11 gas station employee   “Most beautiful siberian in the world is  photo #4  Shanghai, China  “That is the coolest dog that I have ever seen!”

A runner passing by    “Your not trying to sell insurance are you?”   No!  Something much more important!   Photo #31  Russia!  I want one of these dogs!!!!

New front runner on the website  web choice award!!!  Keep voting.  Closes Sunday so plenty of time to still win the  Web Choice!  Some of these photos have no votes… Help them out!!!!!

Horse trainer   “Gez, these are beautiful dogs!”  photo #99 Godollo, Hungary

Teacher at High School   photo#12  “This just looks like a happy dog!  And I love the color!!”

A bank empoyee   photo#21  Bralin Siberians    This is by far the prettiest siberian!!!

A Farmer       Oh ya!  I chased one of these!!! Never did catch it!!  photo#112 Villarica,Poland

Machinist  photo#125 Suomi Finland!

Neighbor  photo#25 El Cerrito, California!

South Africa getting lots of attention!!!!

A red shirt wearing welder   What a picture! photo#48  Anuniaq Siberians  Belgium!

Congratulations!!! Here are our Judges Top 10 photos!

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