Mats Behind Dogs Ears

Do you notice mats behind the ears on your dog?  This is a ball of fur that can be of various sizes, depending on your animal.  Mats behind the ears are serious because it can be very painful for the dog, it can prevent the animal from cooling down properly, and in very severe cases it can cause irritated red skin or even infection.

Professional groomers are trained to remove mats with gentle care.  The Groom Room Health & Wellness Center has a special product that removes mats easily called Takhari’s Aloe Sensation.  We place the product on the mats behind the ears and let it soak in for a few minutes, this will generally loosen up the troubled area.  If the mats are  really bad we can gently shave the area.  You never want to use  scissors on mats behind dogs ears because the risk of cutting the ears is too high.  Sometimes the skin can be so closely attached to the mat that you may not see the skin and nic the dog.  Remember this is a very sensitive area on a dog and usually by the time the mats are noticed the skin underneath can be red, raw and irritated.

The prevention for mats behind the ears is very simple.  Regular grooming and a good brush out at the groomers will prevent a lot of mats.  You can also purchase children’s hair detangler spray from your grocery stores to use on the mats to help keep them from coming back as well.  Takhari’s Aloe Sensation and some detangler spray are all you need to help keep those pesky ear mats from forming!

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