Mad About Mats

Does Fluffy’s coat seem to be perpetually matted? Are you constantly spending more money at the groomer for a complete brush out? Here’s a tip that’s essential to keeping your pet’s coat knot-free.

Mat prevention starts with a clean, DRY coat. A damp undercoat can cause the hair to twist up, especially if Fluffy decides to lie down or curl up after bath time. Wet dogs mat quicker, have larger mats, and can suffer from hot spots and sores. It’s very important to dry, dry, dry, before brushing or allowing your pet to lie down. Drying the undercoat will help prevent mats from occurring and will also prevent that “wet dog” smell from sticking to the coat.

If possible, wash your pet with a moisturizing shampoo (I recommend Takhari’s Aloe Sensation!) and towel dry after a good rinse. Try and gently squeeze the water out of the hair, and “rough” out any soaked spots. If possible, blow dry your pet with a hairdryer on the lowest setting with the lowest heat possible. Pet dryers are also a good solution should you not have a hairdryer at home; anything to get that coat completely dry will help in the prevention of mats!

Take the time to dry that coat! Not only will it keep Fluffy mat- free, but it will also save you time and money at the groomers!

No more tears! A solution for tear staining

The most common complaint I receive at the Health and Wellness Center is tear staining. Often my clients report a globby, sticky, red-brown mess that won’t go away no matter how hard they scrub. This condition is certainly a problem, but we in the show world have a secret that works wonders, and I believe every pet owner should know it!

The next time you’re working on cleansing Fido’s tear stains, use Vaseline! This easy solution is not only cheap, but it creates a good base for excess tears to run over and prevents stains from occurring. It’s safe, effective, and will keep your dog’s face free from stains and sores caused by excessive tears. (Note: Always check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog’s eyes are healthy before starting any preventative program).

To help prevent tear stains with Vaseline, you will need to apply a small amount twice a day. Take a small glob and lightly dab it around the corners of the eyes, and down the face where tears most often collect. Make sure you do not apply to the eye lids, or the eye itself, and don’t smear the Vaseline on as this will usually take a good amount of tear glob with it and make the situation worse! Use Vaseline on a daily basis and watch those tears wipe away with less staining, and less mess!