Fresh Start

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Thank you Takhari fans! We love you!

Our Winners

Here are our winners as selected by our judges and the winners from our Facebook and web contests. Thanks to everyone for taking part in our first online contest. Check back regularly for more contests and deals on our great range of pet grooming products. From everyone at, home of soothing aloe vera based pet shampoos and conditioners,  Thank you!!!!


The prettiest Siberian in the world officially (according to our awesome judges) lives in Poland!!! Congratulations!!! What a tough competition and over 30,000 views! What an honor to finally get to show the winner! Beautiful!


Congratulations Aldergrove, BC! You are our reserve winner!!! Way to go Persson Family!!!!


Congratulations to our Web Choice Award Winner, Odin from Portugal. Who won the most votes in our website contest vote


Congratulations to our people’s choice winner! Thanks to all that voted on our facebook page! Over 1,000 likes!!! Great job Romania!!!


3rd Place Winner to Oulainen from Finland


Forth Place Winner to Bacardi and Rum from Russia

Our Finalist

Well here are the 10 finalist that our team of judges has agreed on. now We have the tough choice of selecting: Our judges award, our judges reserve award and our judges 3rd n 4th place awards.


112 Villarica Kennel – Poland


92 – Oulainen, Finland


79 – Kurityan, Hungary


59 – Mystic Woodland Kennel, Austria


43 – Nanook Kennel Blueridge, Alberta


35 – Firefox Siberians, South Africa


32 Rybrook Siberians, Lake Stevens, WA


31 – Bacardi and Rum, Russia


24 – Aldergrove, BC | Pearson Family


6 – Grayson, Utah | Gibson Family


32Our Wonderful Judges

Takhari would like to announce our wonderful judges! Who will judge 1st and 2nd place, for our “Where does the prettiest Siberian Husky live?” The following prizes will be awarded:
People’s choice award (Facebook Votes)
Our judges award
Our judges reserve award
Our judges 3rd n 4th place awards
Web choice award ( Takhari web site vote)

From Aryn Anderson This was so difficult because I had 17 favorites!! Beautiful Siberians!

Once we post on our facebook page the top 10 finalist, you may all go back and like your favorites!! Show support for
the finalist and your own photo if there! It may have some influence!!!!!

We still have folks sending in their thoughts on 1st-4th! Will anyone match the top 4!! Give it a shot!!!

Truck Driver I want this dog!! photo#4 Noble Kennels Shanghai, China!!

Someone watching the contest I love all the top 10 photos!! Great job judges. Those were a lot of my favorites!

Dog trainer This dog looks like he is going somewhere and looks “pretty” doing it! My choice and by far not only the prettiest siberian husky but the best going somewhere!! Two in one!! photo#19 NorthKenda Santiago, Chile

We have so many getting in touch with us to thank our wonderful judging panel!! Thank you to all that are posting such nice things to say about our judges. They had a really tough time! All these siberians are beautiful

We want to thank our judges! This went bigger than expected and so many beautiful Siberians! 126 photos! Tough decision with so many beautiful dogs! We will be posting the finalist on our web site shortly.

Mrs. Micky Polineni
Poli’s Siberians
Vista, California
Karen Morin
Tokota Siberians

Nicole Hartig
Koobear Siberians
Johannesburg, South Africa

Kent Dannen
Estes Park, Colorado
Photographer & Author

Aryn Anderson
Broomfield , Colorado
The biggest pet lover

Information on Contest!!!

Finland!!!!  Are you listening?  You could be in the running for the top and possibly the winner of the Judges vote!!!

Canada!  This is amazing!  A bunch of photos being picked.  Will one of you be our big winner?

Thank you Judges!  You have had a tough job!  Isn’t this fun!!!!  Don’t forget to email your 1st-4th for chance to win a prize if you have same photo as judges!!!

From our judge Aryn Anderson:  Thank you everyone for sending such beautiful photos, its been hard for me to narrow it down.  I loved them all!  I do have a couple of favorites!  Nobody kill me!!!

Utah!!!  Very nice!  Beautiful!  One or two of these siberians could be in the running!  Popular with our judges!

Our facebook is getting overloaded!  We are having a hard time pulling it up!!  Hope everyone is getting all the information!  Our judges are very thrilled with all the beautiful photos!  As well as how awesome, that people from all over the world entered!

Very interesting judging so far!  Our judges ROCK!!!

Alaska!!! How exciting!  Very nice!  You are a possible top ten!!!

From our wonderful judge  Karen Morin of Tokota Siberians   “Pretty Siberians live all over the world! The prettiest is in its owner’s eyes.”   Very well said Judge!!!!!!!

Some school kids in the area said, ” They have siberian huskies in Egypt!”  And they could not vote but said they had a favorite  Photo #75! Dawson Creek, Canada!!!  They would love to let him sleep in their beds!!!!

King Soopers Shopper (Random Person I asked at the Grocery Store!)    “Are these dogs like wolfs?  They look like it!”   Thought everyone would love to hear that!!!!  Her favorite was photo #35!  Foxfire Siberians  South Africa

Student at Metro State University  Voted for photo #85!  Naukans Kennels  Australia!

7-11 gas station employee   “Most beautiful siberian in the world is  photo #4  Shanghai, China  “That is the coolest dog that I have ever seen!”

A runner passing by    “Your not trying to sell insurance are you?”   No!  Something much more important!   Photo #31  Russia!  I want one of these dogs!!!!

New front runner on the website  web choice award!!!  Keep voting.  Closes Sunday so plenty of time to still win the  Web Choice!  Some of these photos have no votes… Help them out!!!!!

Horse trainer   “Gez, these are beautiful dogs!”  photo #99 Godollo, Hungary

Teacher at High School   photo#12  “This just looks like a happy dog!  And I love the color!!”

A bank empoyee   photo#21  Bralin Siberians    This is by far the prettiest siberian!!!

A Farmer       Oh ya!  I chased one of these!!! Never did catch it!!  photo#112 Villarica,Poland

Machinist  photo#125 Suomi Finland!

Neighbor  photo#25 El Cerrito, California!

South Africa getting lots of attention!!!!

A red shirt wearing welder   What a picture! photo#48  Anuniaq Siberians  Belgium!

Congratulations!!! Here are our Judges Top 10 photos!

Happy Holidays

happy holidays takhariWishing all of our loyal customers and friends happy holidays and best wishes for 2013. Check back in January for more helpful tips on our blog.

Pets and Vacations

When going away on vacation, often the question comes up of what to do with the family pet.  This can be a stressful situation for many.  There are a couple of options and the best option depends on your animals specific needs.  Some pets just can’t be alone while others do just fine.  One option is pet boarding.  This is where you take your pet to a boarding facility and staff takes care of them while your gone.  There are many to choose from but do your homework on this!  Do they have good references? Go and take a tour of the establishment.  Are they clean?  Do the pets have fresh water available to them?  Something soft to lay on?  How often do they get walked?  Do they require all pets to be fully vaccinated?  Is there staff on board at all times?  One very good question to ask is “IF your pet gets sick while staying at the boarding facility, who will pay for the veterinary costs associated with the stay?”  This is a common issue with boarding facilities and its in your best interest to know the facts on this.  It happens more than you may think.  Vaccinations like the Bordetella Vaccine are very important because it helps keep your pet protected while being boarded.

Another option is a pet-sitter.  Some pet-sitters will come in and “house-sit” as well as pet sit.  Which means they stay at your house while you are gone.  Not only do they care for your pet, but they also care take care of other house hold chores for you.  This is a great way to go but again, check all references.  You have to be able to trust this person in your home as well as care for your pet.  So do your homework on this!

Having a pet-sitter come in once or twice a day to take care of your pet is another option.  This is great for those pets that do well being on their own.  The sitter comes in and feeds, checks water and checks on the pet.  This is nice because your pet is at home and moves about as usual.  Check references!

Some sitters can bring your pet to their home for pet boarding   This is a nice option as you don’t have to worry about someone coming in and out of your home.  We highly recommend checking references on this.  But if you have someone you can trust, this is a great way to go.

You can check for boarding facilities and pet-sitters at your veterinary clinics, animal shelters and grooming salons.  Neighbors can be a great source as they may have used a pet-sitter or boarding facility in the area.

The most important part to all of this is that you can trust the person or place of your choice and its reliable and safe.  You want to enjoy your vacation and know that your pet is doing just fine.


Cat Grooming

Recently we were asked why you should groom a cat.

It is beneficial to groom your cat for many reasons.  Having your cat groomed with a washing and nail trim will make your life easier.  Washing will cut down on the hairballs, shedding and sometimes eliminate allergies that people have associated with cats.  Also shaving the stomach on a long-haired cat will eliminate mats on the belly and arm-pits.  While the cat is getting groomed a nail trim is beneficial to eliminate scratching.

Takhari shampoo is a wonderful product to use on cats.  The all natural Aloe Vera pet products is safe for cats and will eliminate the dry itchy skin that can afflict many animals in the winter months.  The Aloe Vera has been proven to help alleviate joint pain even in shampoo’s.  Many older cats can not clean themselves as well or might have pain in their aging joints.  Grooming will help keep your aging cat healthy, frisky and feeling like a kitten.


Mats Behind Dogs Ears

Do you notice mats behind the ears on your dog?  This is a ball of fur that can be of various sizes, depending on your animal.  Mats behind the ears are serious because it can be very painful for the dog, it can prevent the animal from cooling down properly, and in very severe cases it can cause irritated red skin or even infection.

Professional groomers are trained to remove mats with gentle care.  The Groom Room Health & Wellness Center has a special product that removes mats easily called Takhari’s Aloe Sensation.  We place the product on the mats behind the ears and let it soak in for a few minutes, this will generally loosen up the troubled area.  If the mats are  really bad we can gently shave the area.  You never want to use  scissors on mats behind dogs ears because the risk of cutting the ears is too high.  Sometimes the skin can be so closely attached to the mat that you may not see the skin and nic the dog.  Remember this is a very sensitive area on a dog and usually by the time the mats are noticed the skin underneath can be red, raw and irritated.

The prevention for mats behind the ears is very simple.  Regular grooming and a good brush out at the groomers will prevent a lot of mats.  You can also purchase children’s hair detangler spray from your grocery stores to use on the mats to help keep them from coming back as well.  Takhari’s Aloe Sensation and some detangler spray are all you need to help keep those pesky ear mats from forming!

Keeping Your Dog Healthy This Thanksgiving

The holiday table is set and as you sit down for the feast keep in mind not to share your dinner with your dog.  There are many human foods this time of year that are very dangerous for dogs.  Here is a list that we found from .

Alcoholic Beverages, Avocado, Bones from fish and Poultry, Chocolate Especially Bakers Chocolate, Coffee and Tea, Citrus Oil Extracts, Fat Trimmings, Fish (raw, canned or cooked) Grapes, Raisins and Currants, Hops, Milk and Dairy Products, Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic, Raw Eggs, Salt, Sugary Foods, and Yeast Dough

Many of the foods listed are dangerous and potently deadly for dogs.  We all want to share the happiness of the holidays with our animals but the best feast for your dogs is their regular dog food.  They will be happier and healthier if we don’t share the holiday table food with them.   Instead of human food there are many great dog cookies and treats that are great for dogs.

We often become busy on Thanksgiving and forget to go for the daily “dog walk”.  Even a short walk will do your dog a world of good.  A good dog walk will keep them from being destructive and help them keep their “Good Dog” behavior throughout the day.

We at Takhari would like to wish you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Nail Importance

Yesterday a dog came in to be groomed and his nail had curled and was growing into the pad.  The dog was not limping and the owner did not know that the nail had grown to that extent. The pad was infected and sore, our knowledgeable staff was able to trim the nail and prevent a very expensive vet bill.

Nail trims are important to do once a month or every 6 weeks and if not trimmed they can cause many problems.  The untrimmed nails can curl and grow into the pads of the feet. This curling will affect the walking ability of the dog.  The dog will compensate and walk incorrectly which cause sore muscles and sore feet.  If the nails grow into the pads of the feet often the pad can become infected and a trip to the vet would be required to fix this.

Triming the nails keeps them growing properly it also keeps the quick to stay shorter.  When the quick is shorter the nail can become shorter.  Not only will it make the dog happy but it will keep the floors and furniture from getting scratched up and prevent loose carpet snags.   You will also not get scratched when shaking hands with your dog.

Your veterinarian can help you keep them clipped or your grooming spa.  You can also trim them at home with proper nail clippers or Dremmels.  Dremmels are my choice but be careful to move hair away from the nail so it does not get caught in the Dremmel.