Cat Grooming

Recently we were asked why you should groom a cat.

It is beneficial to groom your cat for many reasons.  Having your cat groomed with a washing and nail trim will make your life easier.  Washing will cut down on the hairballs, shedding and sometimes eliminate allergies that people have associated with cats.  Also shaving the stomach on a long-haired cat will eliminate mats on the belly and arm-pits.  While the cat is getting groomed a nail trim is beneficial to eliminate scratching.

Takhari shampoo is a wonderful product to use on cats.  The all natural Aloe Vera pet products is safe for cats and will eliminate the dry itchy skin that can afflict many animals in the winter months.  The Aloe Vera has been proven to help alleviate joint pain even in shampoo’s.  Many older cats can not clean themselves as well or might have pain in their aging joints.  Grooming will help keep your aging cat healthy, frisky and feeling like a kitten.


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