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BREEDER BLUES – The Do’s and Don’t’s of Finding a Good Breeder

I’ve asked for a friend of mine to share her story with you today, as it’s a fairly common experience among first-time dog owners. Here’s her story: “My husband and I had always dreamed of owning a dog, and had … Continue reading

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Mad About Mats

Does Fluffy’s coat seem to be perpetually matted? Are you constantly spending more money at the groomer for a complete brush out? Here’s a tip that’s essential to keeping your pet’s coat knot-free. Mat prevention starts with a clean, DRY … Continue reading

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No more tears! A solution for tear staining

The most common complaint I receive at the Health and Wellness Center is tear staining. Often my clients report a globby, sticky, red-brown mess that won’t go away no matter how hard they scrub. This condition is certainly a problem, … Continue reading

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